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Despite initially meeting under the duress of a tax lien foreclosure, BANDI consistently demonstrated nothing but the utmost level of respect, kindness, and professionalism. Never during the process did they make us feel "less" or insignificant because of the unfortunate situation we found ourselves in, nor were they ever pushy, rude, or condescending. They fought hard to halt the impending foreclosure, allowing us the mutually beneficial opportunity for a last-minute sale and redemption of the lien. But it didn't stop there. Afterwards BANDI was more than extremely understanding, and graciously worked with us to provide enough time to vacate when we had no where else to go.  Michael Burns and Brian Isen are highly efficient, highly focused, and highly skilled at what they do. But what truly sets them apart is their conscience and compassion, as well as their willingness to be forthright, fair, and respectful towards all those they encounter.

- Ffolkes Sedneff

If you are considering doing any sort of business with BANDI, I would suggest that you do so. Rarely will you find such decent people.  I recently assisted an elderly family member at the 11th hour in a New Jersey foreclosure case involving property tax liens which encumbered a commercial property.  It entailed intervening in the lawsuit to force the other side (and the court) to follow the law, negotiating compromises with the holder of the first mortgage, the municipality within which the property is located, the Internal Revenue Service, and various other lien holders. They also worked hard to determine the condition and value of the property, and identified valid concerns which would have been used against my relative if we had dealt with others. BANDI’s principals include an experienced and highly capable attorney (Michael Burns) and his partner (Brian Isen), both of whom were hands-on every step of the way.  We entered into a comprehensive agreement which covered most contingencies.  Although our respective interests differed, I can honestly say that we worked as a team throughout the ordeal. This is very unusual and BANDI deserves most of the credit. They are honest and extremely capable professionals, which is uncommon in this day and age. I recommend BANDI without hesitation.

- Peter Edwards, Esq, Roanoke, Virginia

In February of last year I was in the process of foreclosure. I was approached by Mr. Burns and was able to sell my house and avoid foreclosure. The whole matter was settled by June. Mr. Burns kept me fully informed every step of the way. And I received copies of all documents. If your situation is a rough one, Michael can be of help   

- Jay Ciesla


In the summer of August 2012, I wrongfully lost my house to foreclosure. Unaware that my family and I were illegally forced out of our home for over two years, Michael Burns and his partner Brian Isen contacted me in the fall of November 2014 with good news. Little did we know that 50% of the house was still in my name. Because of Mr. Burns’ expertise in Real Estate, we had gone to court in January of 2015 and won full ownership of the property. Due to the gutting of our house, it became inhabitable. Thankfully, BANDI Property Group offered me a generous settlement for full possession in order to renovate and turn it into a livable home once again.  I am forever grateful for them giving my family and I the justice and peace we so deserved. There are not enough words to describe Michael and Brian’s knowledge, generosity and truthfulness. They dedicated most of their time towards locating the property’s documentation, such as titles and deeds for proof of my ancestor’s previous ownership, along with my own. I am forever grateful for their ability to end this complex matter. If anyone is facing a similar situation, BANDI is your best option.  

- Toni Ann Brew-Merly


Hi, my name is Marlena Peeples. This time last year my family and I were facing a very difficult time. We were in the process of losing our home. With my mom being very sick, and having my little girl to raise, I didn't know what to do. Until God sent Brian and Mike to our doorstep. They were so nice and so helpful. They assured us everything would be ok, and they would do their best to help us. They went above and beyond. Making things easy for us, answering any questions we had, all while being so kind. Everything they said, was exactly what they did. In no time we were given the money from the house and I always able to finally get a place with my little girl. It was like a nightmare that turned into a dream. I am beyond thankful for them working so hard to help me and my family. It goes to show.  There really are some good people left in this world.  

- Marlena Peebles


This is to verify that Michael Burns, Esquire is noted for His expertise in connection to quick sales of Real Estate. His professionalism is beyond reproach of his call of duty. He knows how to get the job done. He made a quick sale for me when I was having a hard time trying to sell my house. I would recommend Michael to anyone because he is honest, truthful and trustworthy.  

- Benjamin F. Graves, Pastor


I want everyone to know that I am willingly making this correspondence available to all who desires to know, that I am very much eternally gratefully to almighty God for bringing us, Mr. Michael Burns, myself and my wife together. Mr. Michael Burns started our friendship over a telephone. The next meeting was an appointment in a diner, in Teaneck, NJ. The area I lived in, at that time. From that day on, he proved to be, first of all, a genuine friend, an excellent counselor, a load carrier, a problem fixer, and last but not least, an honest mind-blowing gentleman, who could have, due to my ignorance, cheated me out of several thousand dollars, but instead of taking advantage of my ignorance, he let on to what he owed me, and proved what an honest gentleman he truly is. 

- Mr. Morris E. Wooten

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